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About Electro-Mobility Competitions

About Competitions

Electro-Mobility is the student competition in which students have the opportunity to transform their technical passion into an electric car. The organizer is Continental Iași, who also offers financial support to the participating teams for the development of cars, as well as for prizes for the top teams.

Electro-Mobility Hardware is an individual competition for first year students, with two events, a theoretical trial and a practical trial, that consist of the construction of a simple electronic circuit.

Electro-Mobility Software is an individual competition for students in the final year, with a theoretical trial for the selection of candidates and a practical trial that consists in the development of a software project in one day.


Team InelX

„We participated last year at the competition, shy, less knowledgeable but ambitious and eager to learn. We got courage, and this year we set out to climb the podium, which we did. We can say that our work within Electro-Mobility has been beneficial to us and will be of real help and help in our career. "


Team Mecatronicii

„This year we've participated for the first time in this competition and we've had a great time. It seems like simple ideas always give good results."


Team Racing Innovation

"Continental organises this competition for the ninth time, and the experience is improved every year!"


Team Cereal Killers

"The multitude of demands itself had the role of determining the learning of practical skills during the solving of each one."


Team V.A.M.A

"We had a great time participating in this competition. We are very happy because we managed to get here and win the top prize and the studies scholarship."


Team MCRobot

"Congratulations to all teams, including our competitors, who were also very well prepared. With this beautiful experience and maybe better preparation on our part, we will participate next year as well."

Previous editions


Electro-Mobility 2017

The 11th edition, 12-13th of May 2017


Electro-Mobility 2016

The 10th edition, 14 - 15th of May 2016


Electro-Mobility 2015

The 9th edition, 8 - 9th of May 2015


Electro-Mobility 2014

The 8th edition, 9 - 10th of May 2014

Stages of competitions

2nd of October 2017 – 29th of October 2017

Stage 1 - Registration period

Registering for the competition is done by opening an account by each participant (team member as well as the team) on the Web portal and fully completing the available forms.

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3rd of November 2017

Stage 2 - Requirements, rules clarification session

On the 3rd of November 2017, at the Iași office of Continental Automotive România or at a location announced in advance by the organisers, a discussion and clarification session will be organised in relation to the rules, technical and organisational requirements, as well as in relation to the intermediary stages of the competition.

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2nd of October 2017 – 29th of March 2018

Stage 3 - Project design, development

The project's performance involves: developing the application in accordance with criteria specified in the competition's rules, documenting the application's technical specifications, a short theoretical presentation of the work, promoting the project in the competition, using diverse means.

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30th of March 2018

Stage 4 - Qualification session. The delimitation and selection of teams that will participate in the final stage: RACE CHALLENGE

Within this stage, the assessment of the project status will be performed by the organisers. Once this stage is completed, the DESIGN CHALLENGE stage of the Electro-mobility is also completed and the delimitation and selection of the first 20 teams that will move on to the RACE CHALLENGE stage will be performed.

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31st of March 2018 - 11th of May 2018

Stage 5 - Finalizing all functionalities; fine-tuning and preparation for the finals

All of the (Update) 25 teams qualified for the RACE CHALLENGE have available the time period related to this stage in order to finalize all functionalities, make adjustments and fine-tunings and preparations for the finals.

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11-12th of May 2018

Stage 6 - Conducting the competition

Works will be assessed, within the presentations from the Student Competition, by a jury consisting of representatives of CONTINENTAL.

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Organizational contact information

Phone: 004-0232-30-72-47 / 004-0232-30-70-70
Address: Bd. Poitiers nr. 6, 700671 Iași, Iași

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